"Anna-Maria is the home buyer's champion--and also the home seller's champion. How do I know this? Because we bought two houses with her and sold one. We enjoyed working with her so much that we just couldn't stop.

(Actually, after buying a wonderful house in Apalachicola, we decided we needed to be closer to Panama City, so we sold the first house and bought one on C-30. All-in-all, three transactions in 30 months. It must be a record.)

So this is not your average one-dimensional Realtor. Her knowledge of Apalachicola and its houses is truly impressive. And she was able to help us clarify what we were looking for, even if that meant resolving matrimonial squabbles. She can really size up a house--or tell you what you need to do to sell your house. And because everybody likes working with her, she was able to get quick access to houses and make everything happen smoothly. She made the paperwork painless. And her patience (with us) would impress Gandhi.

I would say that Anna-Maria is a consummate professional. But in my mind, "professional" implies crisp limits. I felt that Anna-Maria helped us "beyond limits.""

Bill S.

"My wife Sally and I discovered Apalachicola in 2009 and quickly knew that we wanted to make this our vacation / retirement home. A year later, we decided to make a move. After looking at several agents' profiles, Anna-Maria's professionalism, character and personality jumped off the screen. I called to let her know that we would be coming to town to look at property and wanted to schedule some time with her. We ended up spending a few hours together and looked at a number of different properties in town.

We were drawn to this "old Florida" town and Anna-Maria's knowledge of its rich past and historical neighborhood and buildings was excellent. She listened carefully, answered our questions and offered insight. She guided us through different options and we quickly made our decision.

We've been very happy with our purchase close to downtown and it would not have been possible without the help of Anna-Maria. Not only is she an extremely knowledgeable, patient professional, but also a total delight. Apalachicola and all its charm, is a "world away" experience for us and we always look forward to our next visit, which is never soon enough. We continue to recommend Anna-Maria to our friends and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Thank you so much, Anna-Maria. You helped change our lives."

Brad, Memphis, TN

"Anna-Maria listed and sold my house within four months. She was attentive to detail; offered suggestions to improve the house so that it would show well; and as she led clients through the house, she was charming without appearing pushy. Once we had a firm offer on the house, Anna-Maria prepared and completed the documents required for the closing in a calm and efficient manner, and there were no glitches! I would definitely ask Anna-Maria to act as my Realtor again, and highly recommend that other people do so."

June, former resident of Apalachicola.

"Anna-Maria is the best! Her experience and knowledge of the local real estate market is such an asset. She listened to what we were looking for and alerted us when anything promising came on the market. She was really concerned with finding the right home for us, not just making a sale. Her expertise and professionalism shows in everything she does. We highly recommend her to anyone buying a house in the Apalachicola area."

Betty & Tom, new residents of Apalachicola.